Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Open Thread - Happy Fourth!!!!

Things proceed in the world and in my brain, and they seem slow enough over here at the choco' bang. Day off on Wednesday? I will help wash the baby - she cracked her little ankle last week, pointing at something outside with the hand that should have been helping hold up that leg. Whole-leg cast for little ones who can't stay still, and she can't go in the tub . . . . I will also play computer games - the barbarians had better be looking out - I have trebuchets now. My mental boat drifts farther from planned projects as I read Guy Davenport, Italo Calvino, and Montaigne, and think to myself what a good job these folks have done who thought about these things way before I did.

I will also check back here. How are you all? What is going on? And, if you ask why I selected a picture of dinosaur skeletons for a Fourth of July post, I will answer that my enthusiasm is something that the USA and dinosaurs have in common.


ScubaVal said...

Happy 4th, certified, and my enthusiasm this year matches yours. I'm going to wear my "Save the White House, Save the World" shirt tomorrow. (It's a Gore thing)

The other open thread (where my CNN letter is) is not on the main page now, but I left a comment there mentioning my own blog --- yes, I started one because of the encouragement from Karen. It's at http://curtainsusa.blogspot.com. I hope I'll get SOME visitors :)

I'm going to read Glenn's 1st book tomorrow as my patriotic gesture to honor the holiday. Amazon messed up my order for the new one :(

Enjoy your time with the baby and scribble on the cast with crayons!

certifiedprepwn3d said...

crayon scribbling sounds much better than sharpie writing - I will try that out. She goes back to my sis on Friday - I will check out your 'blog!

Karen M said...

Oh, my! a full-leg cast on a toddler! I hope the weather is a bit cooler where you are.

If you do take to scribbling on the case, would you be able to take photo and post it? Just the scribbling, not the baby.

She's luck to have an attentive aunt.

John Cowan said...

Interrobangers, you may be interested to know that the inverted interrobang, also known as the gnaborretni, will be encoded in the next version of Unicode at position U+2E18. It will probably be a year or more before it gets into any fonts at all, never mind common ones, but here it is for when that day comes: ⸘.